The Best Value for the Lowest Price: Code-2 Clearance Items

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The Best Value for the Lowest Price: Code-2 Clearance Items

A clearance sale is a great time to get excellent products at reduced prices. It may also be your last chance to get a discontinued item or last year’s model or style. Retail stores offer last season’s items at a reduced price to make room on the shelves for newer items coming in. At Code-2, the concept is the same. We’re getting a lot of new products in soon, and we want to make sure we have room for the great gear and apparel from our selected manufacturers.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean that the items we’ve put on clearance aren’t brand new (they are). It also doesn’t mean that the clearance items aren’t still excellent products (they are). This is especially true in an industry like ours that have products designed to for strength and durability. We simply need to move items we have quickly, so we’ve marked them down considerably.

Here are a few examples of what you’ll find in our clearance section:

As first responders, we understand the need for comfortable, dependable equipment and clothing - and we understand the need to be able to purchase these items at as low a price as possible. That’s why we believe in and stand behind all our clearance products 100%, just as we do with all merchandise that we have in our store.

So if you’re looking to get the best price on trusted EMS, Fire and Tactical brands and products, consider looking through the Code-2 clearance section online, or stop by our store in Victor, NY. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about any of the products we’ve selected for our store.

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