Be Prepared to Help Save Lives: Bleeding Control Kit Considerations

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Be Prepared to Help Save Lives: Bleeding Control Kit Considerations

Bleeding Control Kits have seen a huge surge since the Department of Homeland Security launched the Stop the Bleed Campaign back in October, 2015. In contrast to a traditional first aid kit (typically band aids and some small gauze), a good Bleeding Control Kit (sometimes referred to as IFAK, or Individual First Aid Kit) includes more substantial gauze and First Responder ETD (Emergency Trauma Dressing), a Bleeding Control Patch, tourniquet, gloves and trauma shears. These kits are designed for use in situations of extreme trauma that can result from gunshot wounds, explosions, traffics accidents, natural disasters and other potentially life-threatening bleeding.

Intended for use by the general public

Kits such as the North American Rescue (NAR) Public Access Individual Bleeding Control Kit come in a compact bag and include directions; they’re adapted for use by the general public to use as they are often immediately on the scene when extreme trauma occurs. Having a Bleeding Control Kit can allow a bystander to provide immediate and potentially life-saving emergency care for bleeding injuries prior to the arrival of EMTs, Paramedics and other medical professionals. These kits include the same fundamental and necessary implements for extreme trauma that First Responders use, and many professionals carry the same gauze, tourniquets and ETD dressing.

Buyer Beware: Off-brand kits and kits not designed for the general public

Off-brand kits can contain items that are not certified or have been replaced by other implements over time. For example, you should make sure the tourniquet is TTTC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) approved; tourniquets that do not meet these standards may be made with lower quality parts that can break when most needed. You should also avoid kits that contain non-vented chest seals, traditional occlusive dressing, and powdered hemostatic agents.

The general public and those not certified for specific medical procedures should also not get kits that include items such as Airway Adjuncts, Decompression Needles, Intravenous Therapy (IV) equipment and Suturing Supplies since these items should only being used by medical professionals with the appropriate training and legally authorized by a physician.

CODE-2 Recommended: NAR Public Access Individual Bleeding Control Kit

The NAR Public Access Individual Bleeding Control Kit (Basic) has all the essentials – including a TTTC certified tourniquet and a small permanent marker for labeling the gauze and dressing, all in a compact, red nylon bag. As First Responders ourselves, we’re confident in the high quality of all the items in the kit, which is available online and in our Victor store at a reduced price.

The NAR Public Access Individual Bleeding Control Kit (Basic) includes the following:

  • 1 x C-A-T® Tourniquet
  • 1 x 6 in. Responder ETD (Emergency Trauma Dressing)
  • 2 x NAR Compressed Gauze
  • 2 x Pair, Bear Claw Nitrile Gloves, Lg
  • 1 x NAR Trauma Shears, 7.25 in.
  • 1 x Permanent Marker, Small
  • 1 x Just in Time Instruction Card
  • 1 x PVC Bleeding Control Patch
  • 1 x Red Nylon Bag
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