Firefighter Gear Given New Life with FFTOB

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Firefighter Gear Given New Life with FFTOB

CODE-2 is excited to become only the second official retailer in the country to sell Niki Rasor's Firefighter Turnout Bags. If you don't know Niki's story yet, it's worth catching up on it. It's inspiring to see someone turn their hobby and passion into a international business that respects First Responder gear and eliminates unnecessary waste. Niki Rasor has done just that, and CODE-2 is proud to support her and the original Firefighter Turnout Bags (FFTOB).

Niki Rasor's Story

Niki Rasor turned her hobby into a business. Niki had taught herself how to sew years ago in her home. One day her firefighter husband asked her to remove a large pocket from his firefighter turnout coat. Niki removed that pocket, added it to an old pair of firefighter suspenders that her husband had, and created a useful and stylish bag from the old materials. As Niki wore the bag around town, she was stopped by people on the street and asked where she found such a great bag. They wanted to get one too. She didn't realize it at the time, but this bag she made from her husband's old gear was the first of many Firefighter Turnout Bags to come.


Niki learned that firefighter gear expires after 10 years, and fire departments across the country all had the same problem. What to do with expired gear? This gear has been through countless training drills, fires and rescues and served as a partner to the firefighter. Just as firefighter meets their retirement, so does their gear. The decommissioned gear had to be discarded and was often shredded, finally ending up in a landfill. She identified this as an opportunity to take the old and discarded and repurpose it to make something new that people would want. Niki decided to buy old turnout gear and make it into fashionable handbags, backpacks, gift bags and other similar items.

The expired firefighter gear has a history. And now it has a new life. The legacy of the firefighter gear continues on and is honored by people wearing the gear with a new purpose. Niki has already designed over 100 styles of apparel using retired turnout gear.

The Original Firefighter Turnout Bags (FFTOB) on Shark Tank and Beyond


Niki has taken her passion for sewing and her pride in husband's firefighter career from her home garage to a warehouse with several employees, all the way to ABC's Shark Tank television show, where she received a substantial investment and partnership with Lori Greiner. With the additional exposure and capitol, Niki is now selling FFTOB apparel all over the world. Niki and her company Firefighter Turnout Bags have been featured on CBS News, The Union Tribune, Fox 5 news, Channel 8 News, NBC News... and the word is still spreading.

As a company, FFTOB recycles retired firefighters gear to create unique handbags, duffel bags, backpacks, purses, and more. Firefighter Turnout Bags are very durable, made with exceptional craftsmanship, and have an unique appearance. But it's the concept and history behind the bags that brings their new owners their intrinsic value.

CODE-2 is proud to become the second retailer of Firefighter Turnout Bags: we carry a selection of FFTOB products in our store in Victor, NY. Stop in and check out products that were featured on Shark Tank. A portion of FFTOB proceeds goes towards Firefighter related charities.

Niki Talks with the San Diego Tribune about FFTOB

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